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October 03rd, 2022

economic empowerment at WillWay Africa

Throughout the world and Ghana for that matter, the largest poverty afflicted groups are female-headed households, which are estimated to represent a third of all households.

WillWay supports efforts to provide rural women and their communities with practical skills needed for securing sustainable livelihoods. WillWay builds the capacities of its beneficiaries through the provision of various vocational and entrepreneurial skills; seed funding for business initiatives; business grooming and mentorship; and other forms of support.

WillWay is currently fundraising to build a multi-skill vocational center comprising classrooms, workshops, offices, hostel facility for trainees, staff and volunteers.

The facility will provide free vocational training in agribusiness, Craft and handiwork; and Home management and Catering for women and girls in lack of economically relevant skills and with limited employment opportunities.  Participants after graduation will be eligible for Credit Assistance through a revolving loan scheme and continuous follow-up support.  

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