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October 03rd, 2022

Local Governance Participation Initiatve at WillWay Africa

Our Local Governance initiative is dubbed ‘Grassroots Transparency Initiative’ (GTI). GTI is an elaborate program of civic education and capacity building for the political empowerment of rural communities. GTI promotes sustainable rural development through transparent and community-centered governance and leadership. GTI is a departure from conventional civic education program that are either urban oriented or dominated by elite political actors even at the local level. Such program also do not fit the needs and context of communities where political empowerment must go beyond information flow to include the building of sustainable structures for transparency.

We identified the low participation of the youth in local governance as an impediment to democracy and the socioeconomic development of rural communities in Ghana.

The design of Initiative is informed by our belief that it is only when rural governance actors and structures are held accountable by rural dwellers that the right environment will be created for sustaining interventions and gains made in equally critical areas such as health, agriculture, education and economic opportunity.

WillWay Africa implements intervention aimed at increasing youth participation in local governance as a more sustainable way of helping to bring about youth-centred economic and developmental policies at the grassroots level and increase the transparency and accountability of local government actors.

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